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Experience the authenticity of Indian Food, adding in your dishes our fresh and healthy Fenugreek Seed, Indian Fenugreek Seed, Organic Coriander Seeds, Soybean Seed, etc. ..

About Us

Cooking itself is a wonderful experience that rejuvenates mind and body. While cooking food for your restaurant visitors, family, friends, it is very important to choose right quality of ingredients that apart from providing delicious taste to your dish render healthy benefits to the body. Also, it is essential to check that your food is being made with fresh ingredients and vegetables to avoid chances of ailments. Our company, Ankit Enterprises understands the need of having right kind of food ingredients for enriching recipes which is why it provide a wide line of Fenugreek Seed, Indian Fenugreek Seed, Whole Coriander Seeds, etc. We also provide naturally produced herb Ashwagandha and high quality Wheat, Indian Garlic, etc.

Our company adopt organic manufacturing methods for producing our offered line of food items. Before supplying in market, our food products are properly washed, cleaned and examined on quality parameters to avoid defects. Obtained from natural plants, our offered Fenugreek Seed, Indian Fenugreek Seed come packed in ample of health benefits. These are used in making various healthy recipes due to their exceptional qualities such as boosting body metabolism & reducing inflammation. Many Food & Medical Processing companies use our offered  herb Ashwagandha because of its below listed health benefits
  • It assist in improving immunity and digestive system of the human body
  • Ashwagandha maintains hearth health and helps in blood regulation
  • Our offered herb improves cognitive function & memory
  • Due to its naturally relaxing components, it assist in treating disease like insomnia.

Food Packaging plays important role in preservation & marketability of food items. Keeping in this in mind, our firm lay string emphasis on its packaging facility. We use technology advanced packaging material to protect our offered Organic Soybean Seed, Yellow Maize, Wheat, Fenugreek Seed, Indian Fenugreek Seed, etc, from contamination by moisture, toxins and microorganisms. Our packaging department makes sure that our food packages are tightly sealed using quality adhesives to ensure food safety at all levels of distribution until it reaches to its final user. Further, our food packaging department makes sure that are packaging consists of important information such as manufacturing & expiry dates, additives used, etc. Also, our packaging unit carry out researches and market surveys to get opinions of customers regarding food packaging.


To store our food items in an efficient manner we have established spacious warehouse that is installed with refrigeration systems that assist in keeping our offered range of food items fresh for longer period. Also, these are closely monitored by CCTV cameras to protect stock from risk involving threats such as fire, damage, theft, etc. further, our warehouse is situated nearby market areas for smooth and timely deliveries in grocery stores, food supermarkets, etc